The Color of Bakelite Jewelry

The Color of Bakelite Jewelry

Deco period is the time when Bakelite jewelry became famous and popular. It is founded in 1909 by Leo Baekeland. After launched the Bakelite jewelry sold, but after some period then, the Bakelite buyer less, the founder decided to make the Bakelite jewelry as the materials of making telephone. The Bakelite was made from plastic synthetic.

The using of Bakelite jewelry looks unique and retro. Event it retro Bakelite jewelry, the buyer are many. It means that people who interesting in Bakelite jewelry also many. It is found in America for the first time, but know the Bakelite jewelry until in Asia. In Asia the product be best sold is bracelet.

The color of Bakelite jewelry is soft color. The pastel colors not the bright color. The and the colors are like bracelet Shultz that consist of three bangle which have the red, black, white and yellow color, the Shultz are multi colors. The colors are identical with the honey color. This Bakelite jewelry is used as the accessories for retro theme. The ear ring shape only has round shape, square shape, and triangle shape. The bracelet also unique shape, round and square shape, if you looking for kinds of Bakelite, you’ll feel interest because the shape and colors are unique to use, better if it use in retro theme, so be perfect performance and appearance.

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