The Cheap Outdoor Furniture

The Cheap Outdoor Furniture

Furnitures have a way of beautifying your outdoor space as well as utilizing the space depending on the size of the furniture and its purpose. Not all furnitures are made for outdoor purposes. For this reason, furniture manufacturers take time to make furniture according to various specifications and uses.

On a beautiful sunny day, you would prefer to sit outside on the balcony to enjoy the view and what better way do so than have a sofa on your open space. It’s also very beautiful when watching the sunset too.


  1. Wood

Teak and Kwila wood are suitable types of hard wood for making that awesome furniture you have always wanted.

Because Kwila wood is a unique and strong type of wood, furnitures made from Kwila are quite expensive, but it is also good value for money. Kwila wood is sourced from South East of Asia and possesses a natural color that does not require painting and of course this is always optional.

Teak wood is another excellent option for outdoor furniture. Naturally, teak wood exhibits certain attributes that make it a unique option such as: durability and waxiness. The main advantage of the teak wood over the kwila wood is its ready availability and affordability (although, teak wood could also be expensive).Teak also scientifically known as Tectona Grandis is mostly gotten from South East Asia. The tree trunk’s center contains high quality wood with richer golden color. Another specie of teak is known as the Pacific teak which loses its color over time and turns to gray, but with a little furniture oil, the wood can easily be restored.

  1. Plastic

Plastics are in abundance and can be found anywhere and everywhere in world. Plastics are used for various things which also include outdoor furniture. The effect of sunlight gives your plastic furniture a beautiful and unique look that just leaves people asking where you got your furniture from. Plastics are useful in lawns, gardens and many types of furniture are made from component of plastics (polypropylene and polyethylene).

Plastic come in different shapes, colors and sizes. It is only up to the user to decide what he needs in terms of color and size. Furniture made from plastics with lacquered finishing can also be very expensive. It is important to ensure that your plastics are effectively treated as ultraviolet light can make your plastic furniture lose shape and color.

  1. Stainless Steel

Compared to plastic and wood, stainless steel furniture remains stronger than both and requires extra care. The durability of stainless steel furniture can be increased via several processes including Electro-polishing. Stainless steel treated through electro-polishing polishes the surface of the steel to give a smoother finish.

Stainless steel furniture that does not undergo treatments is highly prone stains and contamination through oxidization. Slightly cheaper stainless steels are known to be untreated and should be avoided. In order to increase the life span of your stainless steel furniture, regular maintenance is essential. 

Besides the three materials used to make outdoor furniture, there exist other materials such as fiberglass, rattan, light weight concrete and slings which are essentially utilized in the production of the seat base for chair and sunloungers)

Bamboo outdoor furniture

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