Kundan Jewelry Set

Kundan Jewelry Set

Have you ever heard the Kundan Jewelry set? Kundan jewelry set consists of ear ring and necklace. The kundan jewelry is special to use for woman. Woman look elegant if use the kundan jewelry. Kundan jewelry should be there in stone. It is the specialization of kundan jewelry. thekundan jewelry was came from the India.

In Bombay the sellers of kundan jewelry are so many. The kundan was made from silver and brass. The tourist foreigner buys the kundanjewelry as the accessories. The sets of kundan jewelry are necklace, ear ring and jhoomar it is used on a head. The price jewelry of kundan are various start from $8.

For the design of kundan jewelry sets are many choices. Better if you choose the kundan jewelry with elegan pearls. So the person who uses the jewelry will look positive energy. The design is the set of dazzling mangalsutra, green-set pink (the color pink and green of the jewelry). blue antique set, red set, navratra set, maroon stone set, pure white set, dark blue set, green kundan set (usually use for the girl indian, price about $8). Beautiful set, terracotta set, three chain set, black onyx set, hot tanjore set, akshiranne set, akshirabb set, and many more.

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