Garage Shelving Plans: Cool Storage Inspirations

Garage Shelving Plans: Cool Storage Inspirations

In working on your garage shelving plans, you may find it quite bothersome since you may find nearly everything can be found and stored in your garage room. Ranging from small to large items, if you do not plan the shelving carefully, your garage may turn to be like a mess!

Creative Garage Shelving Plans

Keep small items you store in your garage properly organized to avoid clutter. What about incorporating the simple but practical magnetic tool holder into your garage shelving plans? You will only need to glue the magnets to your garage rack or walls and have the small tools made from metals attached there. You can even reuse old tin cans to organize and arrange small items properly. For your screw, use old jars which lids are mounted under your table to avoid them from stacking.

Rather than leaving your bikes parked in an awfully messed up way, why don’t you build DIY bike wall rack yourself? This way, you can prevent your bikes from consuming more rooms on your garage floor. You can also use old plastic lattice as part of garage shelving plans to keep scraps of trims and pipes from stacking and creating clutter on the floor

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