Canopy Bed Frame Ideas

Canopy Bed Frame Ideas

Besides giving the elegant atmosphere into the room, canopy bed frame is also used to give more pleasing privacy during the cold nights. Although this bed belongs to something old-class, many modern bed frames also feature four raised panels to hang the fabrics around the beds. Then, if you are in needs to dress up the bed frames with a beautiful canopy, here are some ideas to steal.

Adorning the Bed Frame with Canopy

A canopy bed frame doesn’t have to be paired with a heavy blackout drape. Simply hang two very long scarfs over the frames to make an instant canopy. To draw the attention, you can match the color of the canopy fabric with the sheets used in the mattress. If you still like going with any standard canopy, you may be interested to hang the one with transparent texture to balance the heavy canopy bed frame.

Although this bed frame comes with rectangular posters, you can let the post stand alone without any hanging drapes. Open canopy bed will allow the light coming while you are sleeping. If you think it is too plain, then add drapes at the back of the bed so it acts like a faux headboard. See, there are so many ways to dress up the canopy bed frame you have.

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